Floor exercise

Floor exercises – one of the types of exercises in gymnastics

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Don’t have time for a gym but want to keep fit? All you need for a complex workout you need is…a floor. And difference between powerlifting and bodybuilding, of course.

Floor gymnastics: basic exercises

The dancing bug

Target muscles: abs and oblique muscles.

Holding the ball between the opposite arm and leg, you work out the entire abs muscles.

10 exercises that can be done while lying down.  Image number 2

10 exercises that can be done while lying down.  Image number 1

  1. Lying on your back, raise your arms and legs upward at an angle of 90 degrees and hold a large fitness ball between them so that the ball is fixed between the palm and lower leg.
  2. Lower the opposite arm and leg as low as possible, without touching the floor and holding the ball with your other hand and foot. Return to starting position. Repeat with the other hand and foot.
  3. Do 25-30 repetitions, alternating sides.

2. Floor gymnastics: Superman

Target: back and buttocks.

This exercise strengthens the buttocks, but care must be taken to ensure that leg movements are from the hip and not from the knee.

Картинки по запросу "упражнения на полу"

  1. Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms and legs.
  2. At the same time, raise straight arms and legs a few centimeters and hold it for five seconds. Slowly lower, then repeat a few more times.
  3. The lower your legs in this exercise, the greater the load.

3. Push-up

Target: triceps, obliques and the outer thigh.

The one who invented this planks for beginners was probably inspired by the bra of the same name. Using your body weight as a built-in weighting agent, you can strengthen your arms.

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Картинки по запросу "упражнения на полу"

  1. Lie down on the mat on your right side, hug your chest with your right hand and put your left hand to support it in front of your right shoulder. Bend the right leg at the knee, and slightly raise the left leg above the right.
  2. Starting from the floor with your left hand, lift the torso so that the hand is almost straight. At the same time, raise your left leg as high as you can.
  3. Return to starting position.
  4. Do 20 repetitions, then swap sides and repeat. Take two sets.

4. Frog legs

Target: back, abs and buttocks.

This is a great leg exercises with dumbbells for repeated workouts. It represents small clear movements that involve different muscle groups.

Картинки по запросу "exercise on the floor Frog legs"

  1. Lie on your stomach, put your bent at the elbows under your forehead. Bend your knees at right angles to the ground, the heels should be in contact.
  2. Raise your legs up, then slightly lower and lift again without moving your upper body.
  3. Repeat 12 times.
  4. To complicate the exercise, stretch your arms in front of you and tear your chest off the floor in synchronization with the movements of the legs.

5. “Melting” of the buttocks

Target: buttocks and outer thigh.

Exercise will “melt” your hips and buttocks in one fell swoop. If you don’t have a fitness ball of a suitable size, you can replace it with a tennis ball or even a rolled towel.

10 exercises that can be done while lying down.  Image number 8

10 exercises that can be done while lying down.  Image number 7

  1. Get on all fours. Then bend your elbows and lower yourself on them. Lower your right foot to the floor so that the lower part of your body is turned to the left. Put a small ball (or block) for fitness in the knee bend of the left leg, squeeze it.
  2. Raise your left foot with the ball held in it as high as you can, then return to the starting position.
  3. Do 10-15 repetitions, then change sides and repeat. Do 3 sets.
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6. Corkscrew bar

Target: shoulders, back, chest, triceps, abs and buttocks.

This list of exercises for each muscle will help you burn calories, improve leg stretching, and work out your back muscles.

10 exercises that can be done while lying down.  Image number 10

10 exercises that can be done while lying down.  Image number 9

  1. Start with the usual bar, as if you are going to do push-ups: legs together, straight arms exactly under the shoulders.
  2. Bend the right knee and turn the body so that the bent leg is under the straight left, while the palms do not come off the floor. This is your starting position.
  3. Leaning on your palms, return to the bar, but instead of putting your right foot next to your left without touching the floor, move it to the side at about the level of your hips.
  4. Return to the starting position.
  5. Do 15-30 repetitions, and then change sides.

7. Twists

Targer: obliques.

Картинки по запросу "упражнения на полу Скручивания с разворотом\"

Twisting and turning from side to side will help to work out the oblique muscles of the abdomen even better.

  1. Sit on the floor, bend your knees slightly and place your heels on the floor. Bend your elbows and hold your fists to the chin, as if doing boxing. The torso is raised above the floor at an angle of 45 degrees.
  2. Raise the torso perpendicular to the floor, then slowly lower it to its original position, while turning the upper body from side to side (about four turns in total). Rise again perpendicular to the floor and repeat.
  3. Continue the exercise for 45 seconds.

8. “Jack” lying

Goals: shoulders, abs, buttocks.

This variation of the exercise is “jack” for the lying position, but it is also effective for working out the muscles of the buttocks and abs.

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10 exercises that can be done while lying down.  Image number 12

10 exercises that can be done while lying down.  Image number 11

  1. Lying on the floor on the right side and leaning on the right elbow, extend your left hand up. The right leg is bent at the knee, the left is elongated.
  2. Raise your left leg and lower your left hand 45 degrees so that in the middle of the distance separating them, they touch.
  3. Return to starting position.
  4. Do 12 repetitions, then change sides and repeat.

9. The bridge

Target: shoulders, chest, triceps, buttocks, abs.

Burn excess calories with this simple exercise. Raising your hips, you simultaneously strengthen your chest, buttocks and abs.

10 exercises that can be done while lying down.  Image number 14

10 exercises that can be done while lying down.  Image number 13

Lie on your back, bend your knees. Take dumbbells in your hands and bend them at an angle of 90 degrees so that the forearms are perpendicular to the floor.

  1. Raise your hips and simultaneously stretch your arms up. Return to starting position.
  2. Do 15 repetitions.

10. Leg raises

Target: triceps and press.

Картинки по запросу "exercise on the floor Leg raises"

Focus on slow and precise ups and downs. This simple and at the same time very effective exercise will help strengthen your abs.

  1. Lie on your back, take dumbbells. Raise your arms and legs up perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Bend your elbows and slowly lower the dumbbells on either side of the head without touching the floor. Simultaneously with the movement of the arms, lower one leg, almost touching the floor.
  3. Raise your leg and arms slowly, then lower your arms and other leg. Continue for one minute, alternating legs.