best bicep exercises

How to get bigger biceps: best bicep exercises

In 2005, participants from all over the world were invited to the bodybuilding tournament with the largest prize budget of all the ever held bodybuilding competitions. In the nomination for Mr. Biceps 2005 with a 60 cm arm volume and 140 kg body weight (with a height of 186 cm), I became a champion.

Exactly 10 years have passed and, despite the fact that I have halved my diet, my body weight is 112-115 kg, and the appearance from the dinosaur has turned into a human image, but my hands still remain 50 cm. The reason is that for 28 years of my training I no longer know how to train ineffectively and have to decrease in volumes only due to the modesty of portions in the diet. But the training method itself is convincingly working, since from the hands of 21 cm one and 22 cm another, by the age of 20, it created 54 cm for each.

And so, my friends, I’ll go straight to the main point, otherwise the sensor of the level of “modesty” is already going wild).

You just can’t imagine for 28 years of training how much I have met athletes and information on the Internet that contradict my methodology. And only a few athletes who really took place agreed with her, seeing my results live.

People are very difficult to part, if at all part with their past experience, even clearly negative, and therefore take hostility with dissent.

But the fact of difference remains a fact and it cannot be attributed to an allegedly genetic predisposition, especially if you see, for example, my brothers, who are not visually different from people who are not involved in bodybuilding.

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Despite the huge amount of information, there is a problem of ignorance, as professional sports are closely related to hormonal drugs. And there is no experience in gaining muscle mass without steroids, as such. If they knew how to gain mass without steroids, they would not lose their health in vain.

bicep exercises

How To Get Bigger Arms: My Training Method

Using my training method, when I need it, I build up not only biceps for 60 cm but also chest muscles to the size of loaves and a neck, attention, 64 cm.

So, do not waste your health, time and money and be surprised at Super results not only of your biceps but of any other muscle group of your choice.

I’ll tell you about the only side effect – if you are against excessive and, to put it mildly, surprised attention to yourself from others (since people will, frankly, curl their necks and squint their eyes in your direction), then my method of pumping biceps is not for you.

Also in this category fall people who do not care about their time, energy and money, and they are willing to uselessly spend them left and right. I hope you, my dear reader, are not from such a company.

And so, remember, the set of exercises should be built in such a way as to ensure maximum high intensity for the biceps and, at the same time, DO NOT over-train them with an  excessive number of repetition approaches and the frequency of training.

Between Biceps Workouts should pass at least 48, and even better 72 hours. Biceps should always be sipped, especially after the set, exercise and training.

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Best Bicep Workout: My Program For Huge Bicep

# 1 – The base for biceps are heavy back workout exercises. Especially, focusing on negative and farmed negative repetitions, which, it turns out, is sufficient in only one last rep of each exercise.

To train a particular muscle group, I would stick to 3 exercises out of 6 sets in general (3 + 2 + 1), and in the case of the back, I would intuitively add another + one more set.

Of course, we cannot belittle the importance of our conscious focus on muscles and full return without countless additional repetitions and sets, which is more likely to “eat” muscles, unless you are on the right track and are not a supporter of miraculous bumps and pills.

Introduction from outside hormonal drugs allows you to get hyperplasia and muscle hypertrophy without a scrupulous attitude to exercises, which should provide both the release of growth hormones and testosterone, and the reason for muscle development. But with injections, the muscles are short-term and do not have muscle memory for recovery.

Arm Workout For Mass: Program

The repetitions after a good workout are arranged according to the gradation in this way:

1st set– moderately difficult to warm up and determine the required amplitude (contraction-stretching), communication of the brain with the central nervous system and muscles, as well as holding the necessary explosive speed in the positive phase + brakes (approximately 4 seconds) for the negative phase (10 – 15 repetitions )

2nd set – difficult (6 – 8 repetitions)

3rd set – extremely difficult, with forced repetitions in the positive and with a special predilection and endurance in the negative phases.

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The set s for the following exercises begin with heavy and super-heavy.

The last final set in training is beyond, and it can be completed on the principle of dropping the load, followed by a mandatory good stretch.

bicep workout routine

Arm Day: Training No. 2

Training No. 2 is associated with direct training of the biceps and also on the principle of 3 + 2 + 1. With the same gradation, but fewer repetitions (10, 7, 4, then 6.5 and 4). For the first and second exercises reasonable cheating, and for the last exercise in one set – transcendence with “striptease”. And after resume – a good stretch. Then, train the triceps.

Training number 3 . It takes place at home on the day between workouts No. 2 and No. 1.

It is carried out in one set from 15 to 25 repetitions for each bicep with fixation at the peak of its full contraction and forced negative repetition due to the emphasis of the other hand (due to the muscles of the triceps and chest).

Exercise, due to focus and a significant number of repetitions, is painful, but in the interval between the above training is indispensable. It, together with others, includes adaptation mechanisms due to the inevitable fact of high intensity. Thus, we have both hyperplasia (cell division) and hypertrophy (cell enlargement) of white fibers, and their 80%. And, of course, 20% of the remaining red fibers, which are also important for the volume, are connected.

Be my friend effective in everything and grow on health for the good of all. I wish you special growth in your victories over yourself, which consist in freedom from rivalry!