LEGO Star Wars Droid Tri-Fighter (8086)

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Product description Pieces: 268Beware this devastating droid starfighter!Attacking in swarms during the Clone Wars™, these dangerous droid starfighters are a real threat to the Republic…and the Jedi Knights! Protected by a team of jetpack-wearing rocket battle droids and their commander, the droid tri-fighter unleashes the firepower of its blaster cannon and flick-launching bombs on the enemies of the Separatists all across the galaxy. A battle droid can fit inside the central pod! Includes Droid Tri-Fighter™, 2 rocket battle droids and rocket battle droid commanderArmed with lethal weaponry: flickfiring bombs and blaster cannonCockpit opens to seat battle droid at the controlsEach battle droid equipped with a jet packDroid tri-fighter measures over 8′ (20cm) From the Manufacturer The blaster cannon and flick bomb-equipped droid tri-fighter and its rocket-powered battle droid escorts are ready to unleash their firepower on the Republic forces. More agile and better armed than standard vulture droids, these Separatist fighters are a threat to any Republic starfighter. Includes two rocket battle droids and one rocket battle droid commander minifigure.



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