Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding

What is the difference between bodybuilding and powerlifting, which is better and what to choose

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What is the difference between bodybuilding and powerlifting: how do you determine which one is right for you?

From what I understand, it looks like this:

  • Bodybuilding is used to prepare your body for a “good appearance” through a variety of isolation exercises and complex exercises.
  • Powerlifting is used to gain strength using only complex exercises, such as squats and traction.

However, there seem to be many coincidences.

From online forums, it seems that a newbie should give preference to powerlifting, but if you look at the program of famous “weightlifters” like Kai Green, they seem to prefer traditional programs with a lot of isolation leg exercises with dumbbells – not to mention popular personalities bodybuilding. on Youtube such as Scooby and HodgeTwins .

My questions are: for someone who is starting to take development seriously, how do you determine which program to start with and in which style? Does it make sense for everyone to start with powerlifting solely in accordance with the proposal ” Initial Strength” . Are there other – completely different – programs that make more sense for people with other goals than just building up strength?

Bodybuilding and powerlifting are similar and different at the same time. Let’s discuss the goals of these sports.

Bodybuilding refers to body architecture. And that’s it. Powerlifting, unlike bodybuilding, is the path to strength, and not to body mass and beauty. So let’s consider the peculiarities of both types of sports.

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What is bodybuilding?

People far from sports call it everything related to barbell or dumbbell raise. This is completely untrue. In fact, with the help of these simple shells, you can improve a very wide range of qualities – from appearance to power indicators. Bodybuilding is a sport that puts muscle size and shape, not strength, in the first place. Yes, it may seem strange, but those super-inflated bodybuilders with huge bumps of embossed muscles use less weight than modest-looking weightlifters who operate in strength training for all muscle groups with enormous weight.

Why this happens, we will figure it out later, but for now, chop it on your nose that bodybuilding is primarily the size of the muscle, not the strength indicators.

What is powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a sport in which strength is important, not the beauty of the body. Powerlifting (powerlifting) is a relatively young sport and is quite popular both in our country and abroad. Powerlifting consists of 3 exercises: squats with a barbell on the shoulders, a bench press and a deadlift. The attractiveness of powerlifting is that all movements are natural and fully describe the physical abilities of an athlete. This sport is not very traumatic and not harmful to health (although with the caveat – at the professional level, any sport can be harmful), you can practice it at almost any age (the age of the world champion is from 20 to 55 years). All that is needed for classes is a barbell, squats and a bench press,

What is better: bodybuilding vs powerlifting?

Each person makes a choice for himself – someone in favor of strength, someone in favor of appearance. In fact, one does not cancel the other, and the first year of training is very similar for both powerlifters and bodybuilders. Therefore, finish reading and start practicing – and after a while you yourself will be able to choose the sport that you like. And even if you choose bodybuilding, you will arrange power cycles, and if you become a lifter, then no one will forbid you to pump up any muscle for beauty.

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Powerlifters vs bodybuilders. Which is better – fitness equipment or barbell?

It depends. You probably came to the gym in order to become bigger and stronger. Then forget about the simulators. The next year (and most likely several years) your main projectiles will be dumbbells and a barbell. But then, when you start to think about the shape and relief of the muscles, the time will come for simulators.

What time of day is best to bulk?

Generally, time is not very important. Just do not go to extremes. You do not need to engage immediately after lifting in the morning, because at this time the body is not yet ready for heavy physical exertion. The same thing before bedtime. After heavy physical exertion, it is very difficult for some to relax and fall asleep. Classes in the afternoon are optimal in time. However, most people are forced to pull iron in the evening, after college or work – but this does not prevent them from gaining mass.

And how many times a week do you need to go to the gym ?
They usually walk three times. So does most of the pitching. If you walk more often, you can enter a state of overtraining, and progress will end, so here you need to be careful and feel the limit through which you can’t cross. But there are a number of people who advocate high-intensity training who prefer to do only two workouts a week, but to the point of exhaustion. For starters, you should go 1-2 months three times a week, and then choose the most suitable training scheme for yourself.

And how many exercises do you need to do in one workout?

It is hard to answer such a question – the answer depends on a large number of factors. But on average, two to four exercises per muscle is the optimum (for bodybuilding), one – two should be basic and one – two insulating, for powerlifting the scheme is more complicated – it all depends on whether the athlete is on the off-season cycle or precompetitive.

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And how many sets do you need to do in an exercise?

Again, it depends on your goals. If you are gaining mass, then three set in one workout is the most. You can do two or four. You should not go beyond this. For Vader bells and whistles such as giant sets and super sets at the initial stage of training, forget it.

And how many repetitions do you need to do in one exercise?

Depends on what you are striving for. If you need strength, then it is worth doing 2-5 times, if the mass is 6-10 times, and if you want to tighten the muscle and make it more prominent – 12-15 will be just right.


What is the best way to warm up before training, and is it necessary to do this?

Of course, it is necessary to warm up – this reduces the likelihood of injury, prepares your body for heavy loads and kneads ligaments. It is recommended to warm up in two stages – at the very beginning of the workout, warm up the whole body with a jump rope, light dumbbells and squats, and then warm up each muscle group before pumping it, taking a little weight in the first warm-up set. (For example, if you were going to do the bench press lying, then as a first set, shake the empty bar 15 times, and shake it slowly and measuredly, without jerking. This will fill the muscles with blood).

Some rules of good form in the gym.

If you came to the gym for the first time, remember a few rules of good form:

  • a) never talk to the person doing the plank exercise benefits, even if something very important happens.
  • b) before taking the dumb-bell, for example, ask the practitioner nearby, if it is free. Do not try to quietly whistle a few weight plates from the bar.
  • c) after workout, return everything to the place.